David & Lesley

About us

Our passion for Kefalonia and a desire to share its beauty inspired us to create a collection of exceptional villas.

From the luxurious expanse of Villa Dolicha to the charming intimacy of Villa Bernice, our collection boasts breathtaking sea views, impeccable amenities, and unparalleled service.

The perfect holiday is about creating lasting memories with loved ones, and our villas are designed to be your perfect Kefalonian retreat.

Are you seeking a luxurious haven for families or friend groups? Villa Dolicha, with its expansive infinity pool, spacious living areas, and stunning views across the Ionian Sea, is the perfect place to unwind and reconnect.

Or you may crave a more intimate experience. Villa Bernice, our charming sister property, offers couples or smaller groups a cosy atmosphere.

No matter your preference, all our villas provide the same exceptional service and amenities you’ll need. High-speed Wi-Fi, plush furnishings, and a gourmet kitchen ensure your comfort, while our dedicated staff anticipates your every need.

Discover your perfect Kefalonian escape.