How do you spend your time?

Long, languid, sun-filled days watching your skin turn golden brown.

The port of FiskardoKefalonia’s rich history

Fiscardo harbour village

Nestled in a harbour of breathtaking beauty, Fiskardo village on Kefalonia boasts a perfect summer climate, ideal for soaking up the sun on its secluded beaches or swimming in the crystal-clear sea.

Dense, vibrant green forests surround the village, offering a cool escape after a day on the beach. Explore the surrounding hills and discover half-forgotten villages unchanged for generations.

In these charming villages, you’ll find traditional tavernas and bars where locals gather for coffee, friendly conversation, and endless games of Tavli (Greek backgammon).

How do you spend your time? Long, languid, sun-filled days. Pottering about in a little boat to find an extra-private cove or slipping across to the island of Ithaca for a change of scene.

Afternoon siestas, which everyone takes very seriously.

Breakfasts of delicious local bread and even more delicious Kefalonian honey, late-night suppers in tavernas where the produce is local and the service relaxed.

Experience the authentic charm of Kefalonia in Fiskardo village.

Island Beauty

Kefalonia, despite its increasing popularity, retains its pristine charm. Strict building regulations and a focus on preserving surrounding forests ensure the island’s natural beauty remains protected for future generations.

Nestled in Kefalonia’s northernmost tip, Fiskardo has become a destination for celebrities and yachting enthusiasts. Witness the stunning array of yachts gracing the harbour while savouring a delicious meal at one of the port’s many restaurants.

Unwind in Tranquil Luxury

While Fiskardo village transforms into a vibrant nightlife scene at night, Dolicha Villas offers peace and privacy. Relax in your luxurious villa, undisturbed by the nearby parties and upscale yachts dotting the harbour – and private submarines (yes, really!). 

Sailing Sanctuary

For keen sailors seeking a nautical adventure, Kefalonia’s strategic location in western Greece is ideal for island-hopping adventures. 

Navigate from Corfu or Lefkada to Ithaca and Zakynthos, or simply explore the crystal-clear waters around Fiskardo and nearby Ithaca beaches with a leisurely motorboat rental (no licence required).

Daily ferry services even allow you to wake up in a different country, like Italy, after a blissful night in Greece.

Hidden Gems Await

Discover Maganos, the charming village closest to Villa Bernice

Its convenient location offers easy access to local beaches and a store with the freshest produce in the area. This traditional Greek village boasts tavernas serving authentic fare like Greek salads, spit-roasted lamb or pork, and other local specialities.

Myrtos Beach: Natural Splendour

Close to Maganos lies Myrtos Beach, one of Greece’s most famous beaches. 

Renowned for its stunning beauty, Myrtos gained popularity after featuring in the movie Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

There’s a scene where Nicholas Cage attempts a controlled bomb explosion and nearly blows himself up, much to the dismay of Penelope Cruz. That’s Myrtos.