The Dolicha Effect

If you are thinking of visiting Fiscardo then you might consider the following as a public service announcement like the warning on kids’ water wings saying ‘caution; this is not a flotation device or on airplanes: ‘we advise you to keep your seatbelt securely fastened throughout the flight.’

My public service advisory goes as follows.  Beware of making plans when on holiday in Fiscardo. This is because of what I call the Dolicha effect.

I will give you a real-life example.  Last year a family came to stay at Villa Dolicha. Mother, father and a beautiful daughter, who had my sons competing in vain for her attention.

The first thing the family did was to stand and stare awestruck and open-mouthed at the views (which, I have to say, are really spectacular) and then the beautiful girl’s father bombarded me with questions.  Which restaurants? What beaches? Could they get to Ithaca for lunch and be back in Fiscardo in time for supper?   I tried to be a good host and tipped them off about my favourites restaurants, advised them about ferry times and speedboat hire and the best walks and wished them well in their explorations.

The next day I saw them heading towards the little beach the foot of our land – a very short walk – and stopped to hear their plans. Just a quick swim, then they were off to Myrtos Beach tomorrow and Ithaca the next day; all very exciting.


The Dolicha Effect

The next day I noticed them spread-eagled around Dolicha’s pool, paperback books and suntan cream much in evidence and periodically I heard the sound of someone collapsing into the pool.  Myrtos beach was obviously on hold.

The next day the same thing happened and so I wandered over to say hello and find out why they hadn’t followed through with their plans.  I found a languid group slightly glazed over from the sun and the sea and the bread and honey they ate too much of for breakfast, gazing lazily at me like a pride of lions after a good meal of antelope.

I asked if they were going to go to Ithaca that day and the father lifted his head from the sun lounger, gazed at the island just across the strait, sighed and said: “It’s so far …”


That was that. They never got further than the village, the pool and the cove and even getting to the cove was a stretch.   That is the Dolicha effect.

They are visiting us again this year and I shall be interested to find out if Ithaca etc. are back on the schedule.  But I doubt it, once the Dolicha effect kicks in you are hooked for life.


You have been warned.